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Darryl Hubbard Consulting Limited is about providing responsive, independent, relationship based asset management advisory services.

This vison is founded on the experience Darryl has gained during his time in property and infrastructure related roles with New Zealand Army, Regional Government, the New Zealand Tertiary Education Sector and 9 years with two large scale engineering consultancies.

Each of these environments has allowed Darryl to develop and test his leadership, problem solving and management skills; resulting in an ability to think strategically, make effective decisions and empower teams and individuals.

These attributes are complemented with solid project management, communication and relationship building skills which have resulted in lasting relationships with employers, employees and clients across all sectors both in New Zealand and internationally.


MEng Science (Project Management)
NZCE (Civil)
Diploma of Resource and Personnel Management
Graduate Certificate in Applied Engineering Practice
Vocational Graduate Certificate in Physical Asset Management
Site Safe Consultants Passport (#386806)


Asset Management Capability Assessments

Asset Management System (Framework) Development

Asset Management Plan Development

Asset Management Plan Review

30 Year Infrastructure Strategy Review

Property and Infrastructure

     • Life Cycle Management

     • Demand Management

     • Risk Management

     • Levels of Service

     • Improvement Planning and Implementation

Asset Management Mentoring

Workshop Facilitation

Project Management

Projects: Here is a list of organisations Darryl has assisted to advance their asset management capability and practices.



Water NZ

Darryl has been appointed as independent Chair of the Water New Zealand, Water Industry Operations Group and New Zealand Industrial Water Forum Steering Group to develop a memorandum of understanding that provides a vehicle for the three associations to develop stronger working relationships and communicate collaboratively on areas of common interest and national importance.

Porirua City Council

In 2018 Darryl was sub contracted to undertake a desktop review of the Porirua City Council Draft 30 Year Infrastructure Strategy to identify and recommend areas for improvement.

Waitemata District Health Board

In 2018 Darryl was commissioned by Waitemata District Health Board to develop an Asset Management Strategy and an Asset Management Plan for the DHB’s clinical, non-clinical, property and infrastructure asset portfolios. In addition to this Darryl developed an asset criticality framework to allow WDHB to identify and rate asset criticality.

Counties Manukau District Health Board

In 2017 Darryl assisted CMDHB with a number of asset management improvement projects that were identified from their 2016 Investor Confidence Rating (ICR) Asset Management review.

CentrePort Limited

After conducting an asset management maturity assessment Darryl is continuing to assist and support Centerport to develop and improve their asset management capability and practices.

New Zealand Treasury

The Asset Management Maturity Assessment (AMMA) forms a key component of the Treasury’s Investor Confidence Rating (ICR) Programme. Darryl has been involved in these assessments since 2012 when the first assessments of 15 capital intensive government agencies were undertaken.

Agencies reviewed by Darryl have included:

  • New Zealand Defence Force (2012 and 2016)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (2012 and 2016)
  • New Zealand Customs
  • New Zealand Police
  • Housing New Zealand
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Department of Corrections
  • Department of Conservation

Tamaki Regeneration Limited

In 2017 Darryl assisted TRL update their 2017 Asset Management Plan (AMP).

In 2016 Darryl assisted TRL to develop a set of design guidelines for a stock of new houses.


In 2016 Darryl worked with Chorus to develop and appropriate Asset Management System designed to provide the strategic, tactical and operational framework from which Chorus would develop new and improved asset management practices.

Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and Waiariki Institute of Technology (Now merged as Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) are required to assess their asset management capability annually. This assessment alternates between a self-assessment the first year and an assessment carried out by an independent assessor every other year. In 2015 Darryl undertook a Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) Capital Asset Management Assessment for the Waiariki Institute of Technology and Bay of Plenty Polytechnic which provided insight into the current state of both organisations asset management capability against an assessed appropriate level of capability.

Ruapehu District Council

In 2013 Darryl was the Project Director for the development of a corporate risk register for Council.

Wellington City Council

In 2013/14 Darryl was the Project Director and assisted the WCC Asset Management Team develop a new asset management framework. This framework was then used on two pilot plans with the intent being for the finalised framework to be implemented across all of WCC activities.

Waikato Regional Council

Darryl has worked with Waikato Regional Council and their asset managers since 2012. Darryl led the development of Waikato Regional Councils first Zone Management Plan, a plan that was built on the traditional asset management plan framework but modified in order to provide a higher level strategic view to managing each zone while integrating the flood protection, land management and river and lake management activities. Darryl was intimately involved in developing the Lake Taupo Catchment, Lower Waikato, Central, and Waihou -Piako Catchment Zone Management Plans.

Other projects undertaken for Waikato Regional Council have included an update of the Integrated Catchment Management Directorates Zone Management Plan Risk Register (2015) and developing a detailed project management plan for the 2011 Sustainable Agriculture Project.

New Zealand Parliamentary Service

In 2012 Darryl was a member of a two-person team who undertook an asset management maturity assessment of the New Zealand Parliamentary Service, the department responsible for the care and maintenance of all property assets that make up the parliamentary prescient in Wellington. One major improvement activity from that assessment was the development of the first Parliamentary Service Property Asset Management Plan (AMP).

New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

In 2012 Darryl was the Project Director for the building condition survey of 72 MFAT buildings in 26 countries in a three-month period. The team assembled to deliver this project was responsible for managing the logistics of each of the deployed inspection teams, liaison with MFAT and overseeing the development of the data cleansing process and report writing. In 2014 Darryl worked with MFAT in a project management and technical advisory role to assist the development of global, regional and post asset management plans.

Western Bay of Plenty District Council

Daryl has worked with WBOPDC on several asset management projects since 2012. Projects have included:

In 2017 Darryl:

  • Undertook a review of the Utilities Group three waters Asset Management Plan Risk Registers. The review and updates were completed via a series of risk workshops with council staff.

  • Undertook a review of the Utilities Group three waters 2010 Strategic Mapping Exercise. The review and updates were undertaken via a series of workshops with council staff.

  • Completed desktop assessments of council’s property, water, wastewater, stormwater, water and parks and reserves and Asset Management Plans. The objective of these 2017 assessments was to highlight improvements required to meet statutory and best practice requirements.

  • Completed a desktop review of the WBOPDC Utilities Group Emergency Management Plan. The aim of this 2017 review was to identify improvement recommendations including inclusion of “Lessons Learned” from previous events.


  • Assisted the Utilities Group with a knowledge mapping exercise, part of Council’s process of bringing infrastructure management and related activities back ‘in house’. These mapping exercises covered water supply, wastewater and stormwater and aimed to identify links from strategic drivers through to data and analysis, current level/location of WBOPDC knowledge, key tactical level documents, analysis and data related to the specific discipline, the potential knowledge holder in the current consultant, and future projects to populate ‘gaps’ in the maps.

  • Reviewed the WBOPDC water, stormwater, wastewater, property and recreation, and reserves and facilities AMPs against the OAG criteria for infrastructure AMPs. This enabled Council to identify where the gaps and/or disconnects existed within these plans and what projects, and the resources and time was required in order to close these gaps.

  • Assistance with developing a Solid Waste Activity Management Plan.

  • Development of a Business Continuity Plan for the WBOPDC Utilities Group.

  • Ongoing on call asset management assistance to the Utilities Group.

Tauranga City Council

In 2011 Darryl worked with Tauranga City Council to review and update the Council Property Asset Management Plan.

Aboriginal Hostels Limited (Australia)

Aboriginal Hostels Limited (AHL) are responsible for the care and management of a network of 47 accommodation facilities that provide accommodation for Indigenous Australians who need to be away from home to access life-changing education, employment, health and other services.

In 2010 Darryl was part of a two-person team that undertook an Asset Management Capability Review which identified a large number of improvement opportunities for AHL. Darry was subsequently appointed to the role of Project Director for a number of these improvement projects which included the development of AHL’s first Property Asset Management Plan. In addition to this Darryl spent a number of week’s onsite with AHL in an Asset Management mentoring role.

Hawkes Bay Regional Council

In 2010 Darryl undertook a review of the Upper Tuku Tuku and Heretaunga Flood Control Scheme Asset Management Plans. Darryl worked closely with Hawkes Bay Regional Council to improve the existing Asset Management Plans through these reviews and in the case off the Heretaunga AMP assisted council to significantly improve the areas of Risk and Asset Life Cycle Management.

Auckland Library

In 2009 Darryl undertook a physical verification and condition assessments of the library building services that enabled Council to develop their 11 year renewals plan.

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

In 2009 Darry was a member of a two person team who undertook a detailed gap analysis to determine Te Papa’s asset management situation, where it wanted to be and how to get there over the subsequent three years. Included as part of this work was an asset management skills assessment and a systems review. The work provided an improvement programme that would guide the improvement of asset management practices.

Whakatane District Council

In 2009 Darryl was a member of a larger consultancy team that undertook the improvement of Council's eight asset management plans. Darryl was specifically involved in the Property and Parks and Reserves Asset Management Plans.

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